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  • Fountains & statues

Fountains are contributing the Square from year 1845 and other mermaids, dolphins and tritons were formed later. These are open on most of the days.

Statues stand on four plinths and on three of them the bronze statue is rested. Three main persons are located on three plinths as General Sir Charles James Napier is on the plinth in the southwest of the square, Major General Sir Henry Havelock on the southeast plinth and King George IV on the northeast plinth. The fourth one is empty for years. Sculpture of ‘Alison Lapper pregnant’ created by Marc Quinn is a part of a rotating programme of modern art Statues.

  • Imperial Measures

Imperial Measures were located into the north terrace wall. ‘Perches’, ‘Chains’ and other archaic measures against feet and yards can still checked by surveyors. These measures were relocated at the time of central staircase addition and information about these measures can be found in café on the square.

  • The police box

Police box which was built years ago can be seen on southeast corner of the square. Scotland Yard installed a telephone line and light for police assistance in 1926 where only a lamp was located. These days it is used as storage only.

  • Nelson's Column

It is a Grade I column and is inspected regularly every two years for sculpture condition assessment and granite-bronze column. Even though it is found in a sound condition today, maintenance is recommended for the preservation of the column and care is taken for its better future generations. Maintenance includes stonework local repairs; cleaning corrosion areas, bronze protection with wax; general cleaning to remove pigeon guano, and pigeon proofing of minor areas. The restoration team repairs Nelson’s statue with the original material Craigleith sandstone which was used at the time of making the original one.

  • The Fourth Plinth

It is a part of a Trafalgar Square and a vibrant public space. Within the built up environment the debates are encouraged about the place and value of public art. In 1970, Thomas Schütte has produced a new kind of a work which included figurative sculpture, architectural models, ceramics and watercolors. The sculpture architectural model for a Hotel is a twenty-one storey building. It is made up of special colored glass which will collect and reflect the light.

  • Neighboring attractions of the Square

Unparalleled museums, galleries, cultural spaces and historic buildings sprinkle more attention while wondering through Trafalgar Square. Everything from ancient masters to modern art is available here and which is mostly free! Some of these are National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, St Martin-in-the-Fields church, Canada House, South Africa House, Institute of Contemporary Art, The Mall English National Opera, St Martin's Lane Trafalgar Studios and Whitehall.