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Trafalgar Square hosts several events, ceremonies and festivals every year. These include religious, arts, food, cultural celebrations, events, rallies, demonstrations, fairs, etc. People from different religions gather at Trafalgar Square to celebrate and enjoy the festivities. Here is a list of major annual festivals celebrated at the square.

London New Year Day Parade (January)

Thousands of dancers, cheerleaders, musicians perform at the London New Year Day Parade. The parade starts from Parliament Square at noon and proceeds along Whitehall to Trafalgar Square, Cockspur St, Pall Mall, Lower Regent St, Piccadilly Circus and Piccadilly.

Chinese New Year (January/February)

Chinese community celebrates their new year with lots of events at Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square. These include performances of Chinese artists, music, lion dances, martial arts demonstrations, and food stalls.

St Patrick's Day (March)

The day includes a parade with marching bands from Ireland and the UK, community groups, sports clubs, schools and street theatre. People enjoy this day as a family day out and experience the best things like Irish food, dance, crafts, culture and music at Trafalgar Square.

Russian Week in London - Festival Maslenitsa (March)

It is a major event related to Russian culture. Visitors get to learn about Russian crafts, Russian music, literature and films. The event is celebrated at multiple venues in London, including Trafalgar Square.

St George's Day (April)

On this day, Trafalgar Square is decorated and is lined with stalls selling traditional English food. The free celebration includes Morris Dancing, medieval jousting, and family games.

Vaisakhi - Sikh New Year festival (April)

Vaisakhi (or Baisaski), the Sikh New Year is celebrated with traditional food and performances of modern Asian music and dance.

Eid in the Square (April/May/June)

Eid in the Square is an annual Muslim festival held at Trafalgar Square. It falls on the first Saturday after the Eid al-Fitr. It is a significant event that attracts large crowds. The free event includes cultural and music performances, Qu'ran recitations, bazaars, market stalls, speeches, interactive workshops etc.

Liberty Festival

Liberty festival includes street arts, comedy, carnival, film, music, food and children's activities. It is an annual event celebrating the contribution of deaf and disabled people to London's culture.

Diwali (October/November)

Diwali is marked as the Festival of Lights celebrated by Hindus. People come together to celebrate the festival at Trafalgar Square. It is a wonderful day for all, with magical light displays, music and dance performances.

Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square (December)

Since 1947 Christmas tree has been installed every year in Trafalgar Square. It is a gift from Norway to London for Britain's support for Norway during World War II. The decorated Christmas tree with a centrally focused traditional carol-singing programme adds charm to the ceremony. Hundreds of groups take part to raise funds for charitable or voluntary organisations. All are welcome to join the festivities.

New Year's Eve (December)

Thousands of people head to Trafalgar Square to celebrate New Year's Eve and New Year. The main festivities, fireworks, are held at the London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, and Trafalgar Square.